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Ambient Dimensions, Begüm Çelik, Sina Barlas & Alp Recep Dayan, 2021, Interactive Installation - Kinect, led strips, sound card, speakers, acrylic on canvas

Ambient Dimensions offers an experience of a space where three unique ambiances are juxtaposed and gives the observer the means to navigate between them. The means of navigation is the x position of the observer. The interactant affects the experienced space by moving and changing perspective.

The reflection and absorption properties of colors and RGB lights are utilized to juxtapose three paintings on a single surface. There are three ambiances, one for each monochromatic light color; red, green, and blue. The sound, the color of light, the brush strokes, and the abstract shapes of each ambiance speaks a common unique language. Each of these ambiances has a distinctive sound that can be heard from two speakers, one on the left and one on the right. The observer’s x position is tracked using a Kinect IR sensor and as the observer moves from one ambiance to another, from left to right, they start hearing the sound of the ambiance on their right while still hearing the left ambiance fading out. This also applies to the light color, a gradient between the left and right ambiance slides to the left as the observer moves right until all the strip is in the color of the destination ambiance.

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